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Organization Information

Name: Unconditional Freedom
Website: https://unconditionalfreedom.org/unconditional-freedom-project/
Address: 1275 4th Street #3220
City: Santa Rosa
State: California
Zip Code: 95404

We aim to transform prisons into monasteries. We view prisons as ecosystems. Our programs address the critical areas of food and nutrition, the interior life of its residents and the wellbeing of its correctional officers, in order that the system as a whole is elevated to an environment of inquiry, contemplation and sustainable change towards contribution. Our programs work within existing prison regimens


Contact Information

First Name: Caroline
Last Name: Griggs
Phone: 4077609386
Email: caroline@unconditionalfreedom.org

Opportunity Information

Name: Unconditional Freedom Volunteer Correspondent
Issue Area(s):
  • Other
Description:  Unconditional Freedom Project where we've developed a program for those incarcerated to transform their experience of prison into that of a monastery, where they are equipped to spend their time in contemplation, meditation and yoga. 

The program is called The Art Of Soulmaking, it is an 8-week experience that delivers a journey of self-inquiry, healing, and awakening of the interior life to people living in incarceration. Each person in prison is paired with a volunteer to exchange correspondence with throughout their journey. 

Currently, we have over 400 students across 8 states, and as we grow we are looking for more volunteers. 

I was wondering if Williamette University students and/or stafff would be interested to know about this program and the volunteer opportunity to first receive training and then correspond directly, in a guided way, with those incarcerated.

Volunteers often say they feel they gain as much from the experience as the participants they are writing with.We provide a virtual training program that is self-paced and is 22 min to complete.  Everyone is trained in how to write honestly about their experience and how to open an intimate dialogue with a prison resident as a foundation for healing and change. 

This program takes place through a virtual platform and is 100 % remote. 

Last Modified: October 18th, 2021