Opportunity Record

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Organization Information

Name: Albany General Hospital Network
Website: https://www.samhealth.org/careers-education/volunteer-opportunities/become-a-volunteer
Address: 1046 6th Ave. SW
City: Albany
Zip Code: 97321
Description: Albany General Hospital offers several volunteer programs including the adopt-a-grandparent program and the hospice volunteer program.

Contact Information

First Name: Karen
Last Name: McLain
Phone: (541) 812-4677
Email: kmclain@samhealth.org

Opportunity Information

Name: Hospice Volunteer
Issue Area(s):
  • Health/Pre-Health
Description: Volunteers find immense satisfaction is helping the dying retain some control over their lives and live out what is left of life as a person, not just a patient. 

Samaritan Evergreen Hospice offers a seven-week overview of the physical, psychological, familial and spiritual aspects of dying each spring. Independent study is also available as a training option. 

Last Modified: April 17th, 2017