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Organization Information

Name: Hospice Care NW
Website: http://www.harborlighthospice.com/oregon/
Address: 2290 Commercial St., SE, suite 108
City: Salem
State: Oregon
Zip Code: 97302
Description: Hospice Care of the Northwest is a philosophy of care that assists patients, family, and friends, during the final stages of a terminal illness. Hospice Care of the Northwest promotes dignity and emphasizes quality of life for those who choose to die in familiar surroundings with those they love. Hospice services can be provided at home, a skilled nursing facility or an assisted living center.

Contact Information

First Name: Katherine
Last Name: Oulette Blair
Phone: (503) 485-0840
Email: volunteersa@hospicecarenw.com

Opportunity Information

Name: Volunteer
Issue Area(s):
  • Health/Pre-Health
Description: Contact volunteer coordinator to apply for a volunteer Position.

Last Modified: June 4th, 2013