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Organization Information

Name: Avalon Healthcare
Website: https://www.avalonhealthcare.com/
Address: 1077 Gateway Loop
City: Springfield
State: Oregon
Zip Code: 97361
Description: Avalon Healthcare Management, Inc. is a privately owned and operated healthcare network of post-acute nursing care and rehabilitation facilities. Leaders in the industry since 1948, Pinnacle Healthcare’s owners share four generations of experience managing eleven facilities throughout Oregon. We have a clear understanding of the post-acute and long-term care environment and are committed to setting the standard of care within the communities we 

Contact Information

First Name: Melanie
Last Name: Martinex
Phone: (541) 746-1020

Opportunity Information

Name: Various Volunteer Opportunities
Issue Area(s):
  • Health/Pre-Health
Start Date:  
End Date:  
Description: Contact Melanie Martinex for more information.