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Organization Information

Name: Willamette Academy
Website: http://www.willamette.edu/academy/
Address: Willamette University, Executive Building 240, Cottage Street SE
City: Salem
Zip Code: 97301
Description: Located on the Willamette University campus, Willamette Academy is a college access program committed to empowering youth who have the desire and potential to advance to higher education, targeting those who are historically under-represented at colleges and universities in the United States.

Contact Information

First Name: Luz
Last Name: Reyna
Email: wa-staff-coord@willamette.edu

Opportunity Information

Name: Willamette Academy Volunteer Information Sessions
Issue Area(s):
  • Education
  • Mentoring
Description: Willamette Academy offers a wide range of service opportunities in areas such as marketing and publicity, donor relations, program evaluation, tutoring, and event planning.

Interested in volunteering? Come to one of our information sessions we'll be hosting on:

Monday September 15th at 7:00pm


Tuesday September 23rd at 11:30am

Both sessions will take place at the Willamette Academy Annex (on the corner of Cottage and Ferry Street or #52 on a campus map)

Hope to see you there!


Last Modified: September 15th, 2014