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Organization Information

Name: Children's Relief Nursery a Program with LifeWorks NW
Website: http://www.lifeworksnw.org/who-we-serve/children-teens-families/childrens-relief-nursery/
Address: 8425 N. Lombard Street
City: Portland
State: Oregon
Zip Code: 97203-3728

Children’s Relief Nursery

Our commitment is to work with children in the first, most important years of life. Our mission is to keep children safe and families strong. Our vision is to end child abuse and neglect in our community.


Key Services

The key to our success is on our emphasis on secure, safe, and stable parent-child relationships.

We provide a range of services that “wrap-around” the child and their family to reduce parental stress and social isolation.  We’re teaching parenting skills, strengthening bonds between parents and their babies, providing targeted services, reducing child behavioral problems and improving social-emotional development in very young children.

We believe that by focusing on the social and emotional well-being of the youngest, most vulnerable children, we can strengthen families. We do this at a time when we can have the greatest impact on their lives, when children are infants through age four. Our children and their families get the help they need, when they need it, to overcome their difficulties and emerge stronger — as a family. Together, we are making children and families stronger.

Since the 2012 merger of the Children’s Relief Nursery with LifeWorks NW, clients have access to a host of additional services for all members of their family. Helping people by offering caring services is the core of LifeWorks NW – making life better for those we serve, and strengthening the whole community. LifeWorks NW has developed the most comprehensive array of integrated preventionmental health and addiction services available, providing confidential, compassionate, effective support throughout the lifespan.

Contact Information

First Name: Marita
Last Name: Allinson
Phone: 503.283.4776 x2407
Email: marita.allinson@lifeworksnw.org

Opportunity Information

Name: Volunteer Classroom Assistant at Children's Relief Nursery
Issue Area(s):
  • Child Care and Development
  • Education
Start Date:  
End Date:  
Description: Under the supervision of the Early Childhood Specialist and Staff Classroom Assistant, the volunteer will provide a safe and nurturing learning environment for the children.  The volunteer will assist children during transitions, sit with children during play, participate in music and art activities, and model language throughout the day.  Volunteers will also help staff maintain a safe, clean and uncluttered space for the children.

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