Opportunity Record

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Organization Information

Name: McKay Area Coalition for Student Success
Website: https://skcequality.org/contactus/
Address: 2600 SE Pringle Rd
City: Salem
State: Oregon
Zip Code: 97309
Description: The McKay Area Coalition for Student Success (MACSS) recruits, screens, and places volunteers in roles identified by McKay High School, Stephens and Waldo middle schools and a number of the area elementary schools. McKay High has been identified by some of their low test score as the school with the higher need for community and volunteer involvement. That is why MACSS has decided to focus their attention into supporting McKay and all of its feeder school. 

Contact Information

First Name: Norma
Last Name: Sanchez
Email: nsanchez@skcequality.org

Opportunity Information

Name: Assistant/Tutor
Issue Area(s):
  • Education
  • Mentoring
Start Date:  
End Date:  
Description: You can help with special events, such as community service projects and college visitations, or help students on a weekly basis.  You can be an elementary school Reading Buddy, Tutor, or After School Assistant.  You can help middle school students improve their grades in math or reading.  You can help high school students master study skills and prepare scholarship applications.  The students are ready, and the choice is yours! For more information, please contact Norma Sanchez at nsanchez@skcequality.org. If you would like Norma to provide your student organization with a 5-10 minute overview of volunteer opportunities available during your next club meeting, please let her know!